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Achieving orgasm is enjoying your body naturally, as you reshape your mind the body follows. Your body was designed and meant to be enjoyed. To let yourself be free, to experience all the pleasure available to it at any time, any place and with anyone you choose. You are entitled to feel and have sexual freedom; you are entitled to feel deep and overwhelming pleasure and satisfaction. You are entitled to experience the ultimate in sexual release; you are entitled to give yourself relaxation and pleasure or to allow someone else to give it to you. You are finding that life has many pleasures to give, sometimes in life we must explore different areas, to understand different feelings, your body is an area very close to you. It deserves to be explored.

You are finding that as you let your mind go free, your body follows! Think and say to yourself, "I release the past, I love myself and others. I enjoy sexual excitement, sexual desires are natural. I live, I love, I feel, I deserve to experience and release my love and pleasure; orgasms feel good, very, very good. I enjoy and deserve this feeling. I enjoy and deserve this now!" You are understanding more and more the warm feeling, you're experiencing as you touch and allow yourself to be touched. Now being able to easily put thoughts into your mind of sexual pleasure even as you think about them. They feel good. They feel wonderful. You're now able to control and adjust your breathing to give yourself the ultimate in sexual release. This is the first part of CD #77. Try it for yourself. Remember: Success is yours to enjoy. And yes, you can accomplish this success!

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#74 Sexual Pleasures Enhanced for Women!
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