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What Can We Do For YOU?

Stress Relief & Management (Allow yourself to feel your inner peace and tranquility of letting go)
Relief From Pain (Focus on Natural Healing forces which direct relief.)
Stop Smoking / Start Living (You're at the point of wanting to become a non smoker, let Norm complete your success)
Sleep – Deep & Restful (Fall into a deep restful sleep, soundly all night.)
Accelerated Learning & comprehension
Increase Your Energy Level (Tap into your inner mind! This provides you with energy for top performance and endurance.)
Guilt Relief – Peace of Mind – (Set yourself free! Harmony comes through release and the ability to let go.)
Headache Relief – Clear Mind – (The muscles in your body are yours to control. Relax and enjoy a clear mind. Focus on natural healing forces which direct relief.)
Good Health Now – Mind, Body, Spirit – (Program your good health. Balance all three.)
Weight Loss – Changing Eating Habits – (Positive techniques bring positive changes! Are you ready to lose weight?
Setting and Attaining Realist Goals (Your dreams will come true. The goals of your future.)

Running / Brisk Walking (Take good care of your body and enjoy your success. Running or brisk walking improves muscle tone.)
Weight Training and Conditioning - Improve and Win – (Feel the power in your body and mind as you train. Notice the improvement as your workout becomes easier.)
Effective Speaking - One on One or a Group – (Express the confidence you really have! Speak clearly and without effort!)
Sales, Success and Prosperity (Focus on your own persuasive qualities, become the successful salesperson that you already are, your earning power is unlimited!)
Concentration Made Easy (Become more focused and increases your conscious understanding.)
Yes! I can fly! (The ultimate symbol of freedom is represented by the airplane, “free as a bird”, Let yourself enjoy.)
Memory Improvement (Your mind stores everything – learn how to easily retrieve it, plus improve your test scores!)
Cancer – Strengthening the Immune System (Use your power within. Rebuild and strengthen your own natural immune system.)
Tennis – Improve and Win – (Improve your concentration and form. Strength and accuracy are yours!)
Heart – Improving your Cardiovascular System – (Your heart is a vital muscle. Strengthen and improve it for the better health.)
Better Study Habits (Relax, studying becomes easier. Learn new techniques. You can develop great study habits.)
Overcoming Depression (Discover the important of being you. Lift yourself up-release good feelings.)
Overcoming Procrastination (Now is the time to approach your life with new found enthusiasm and creative energy.)
Art of Relaxation (Relax at will – Faster and easier than ever before! Control your mind and your body follows!)
Exercise Made Easy (Feel the freedom of body movement. Releasing body and mind)
Weight Loss II Advanced (These innovative approaches complete your weight loss program.)
Freedom from Alcohol (Feel good and enjoy life the natural way. You are worth it!)
Release yourself from drugs (it’s your mind, body and spirit. Take back Control!)
Stroke – Improving Mental and Physical responses (Our bodies manufacture healthy cells to replace damaged ones. Develop a positive mental expectancy.)
Attaining Wealth and Power (Financial success and power are as natural as breathing, breathe in the wealth.)
Bowling – Improve and Win – (Concentration becomes second nature to you. Your score increases steadily every week.)
MS – Improving Mental and Physical Mobility – (Your mind and body are one. You have the courage to move ahead, mentally and physically.)
Taking control of your life (It begins with you! Move forward – lead the life you are entitled to have!
Success – Unleashing Your creative Inner Mind – (Unleash more creative power and success, than you ever dreamed possible.)
Increasing Self - Confidence and Self Esteem – (Your future is here NOW! Success builds your confidence and your self esteem.)

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