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Being able to give pleasure and receive pleasure is a natural part of your life. You have a right as a person to enjoy the natural feeling of sharing love, being able to fulfill completely, through confidence in your real inner sexual ability. You're finding you are really, a very strong and powerful person. You enjoy moving forward more and more, you are now able to strengthen out anything that may need your help. You enjoy making decisions; you're able to move hard things around, very easily and steadily. With every breath, mind, body and spirit coming together at just the right time, you are now expecting the best.

Thinking and saying to yourself, I enjoy giving and receiving pleasure. I release angers I have held for any women in my lifetime. I also release misdirected thoughts about getting even or revenge, against any female in my life, that may have hurt me in any way. I release those feelings now. You're finding as you continue to release old feelings that you're now able to get closer and closer to yourself and other people. The strength doubles, as you control which way is best for you to go. Feel strength as you move back and forth, now ready to receive and give pleasure. A sharing of deep, deep feelings, feel the depth of you're understanding and pleasure. Feel and enjoy the depth of your inner being. Giving and receiving pleasure is like second nature to you now! This is the first part of CD #73 - Try this for yourself. Remember: Success is yours to enjoy. And yes. you can accomplish this success!

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#73 - Sexual Pleasures Enhanced for Men!
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